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Scienxt Journal of Biotechnology(SJoB)

Subject Area and Category : Biotechnology
Publisher : Scienxt Center of Excellence
Publication type : Journals
Journal Code : SJ011

Scope:  Journal of Biotechnology is a peer reviewed archival journal for latest researches in Biotechnology. It provides an international forum for the presentation of research findings and scholarly exchange in the area of Biotechnology. The content is published as both online and printed issues once in four months and three times in a year. The journal publishes original articles that emphasize understanding entire domain of Biotechnology. Each issue of journal may contain editorials, original research, review articles, articles on popular products, book review, project report, professional achievements, short article, short letters, case studies, methodologies, popular or news articles and thesis articles on topics within the scope that are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Journal also publishes proceedings of the conference on Biotechnology.

Latest Edition

S. N. Name
1 Suvey on Food Safety and Hygenie in Bakeries of Pragyagraj and the Microbial load of slected baked Products

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