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Statistical physics: A subfield of physics known as statistical physics developed from the field of statistical mechanics, which use statistical and probability-theoretical techniques to solve physical issues, particularly those involving huge populations and approximations.

Applied Physics: The use of physics to address issues in science or engineering is known as applied physics. It is typically viewed as a link or a bridge between engineering and physics.

Cosmic rays: High-energy protons and atomic nuclei travelling through space at speeds that are almost as fast as light are known as cosmic rays. They come from the Sun, from locations outside the Solar System in our galaxy, and from far-off galaxies.

Spacecraft: A spacecraft  is a machine or vehicle built to travel through space. Spacecraft are a form of artificial satellite used for a wide range of tasks, such as communications, Earth observation, meteorology, navigation, space colonisation, planetary exploration, and cargo and person transfer. All spacecraft, with the exception of single-stage-to-orbit rockets, require a launch vehicle to enter space (carrier rocket).

Nuclear and High Energy Physics: The behaviour of nuclear matter in energy regimes typical of high-energy physics is studied by high-energy nuclear physics. As opposed to lighter atoms in other particle accelerators, the study of heavy-ion collisions is the principal emphasis of this field.

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