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First report of new pathogenic species of Streptomyces causing common scab disease on potato tubers in Egypt

Dr. Hadeel Magdy Mohammed Khalil Bagy

Abstract: Potato tubers showing the symptoms of common scab disease were collected from three different localities. The causal pathogens were isolated, and Morphological, Biochemical and Pathogenicity tests were conducted in vitro to preliminary identify the isolates. Moreover, the partial 16S rDNA gene sequencing was used to genetically identify the isolates. Four new pathogenic species that have not previously been reported in Egypt were identified. The four species were Streptomyces rochei, S. rutgersensis, S. lateritius, and S. bottropensis. The strains (S1, S10, S14, S17, S18, S20, and S21) were Streptomyces rochei, strain (S11) was S. rutgersensis, strain (S13) S. lateritius and strain (S15) was S. bottropensis. To our knowledge, this is the first time to report the cause of common scab disease of potato plants in Egypt by S. rochei, S. rutgersensis, S. lateritius, and S. bottropensis. The different obtained 16S rDNA sequences were deposited at NCBI GenBank with the following accession numbers: (S1) MZ267260, (S10) MZ267264, (S14) MZ267268, (S17) MZ267271, (S18) MZ267272, (S20) MZ267274, (S21) MZ267275, (S11) MZ267265, (S13) MZ267267, and (S15) MZ267269. The four newly identified isolates showed different pathogenicity, morphological and biochemical characteristics.

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