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Contributions of original articles/papers on research and development, thesis, review articles, short articles, case reports, book review and professional achievements in all areas are encouraged.

Following are some guidelines for authors who wish to submit their article in this Journal:

  • Articles sent for publishing should be the original work of the author.
  • The article should adhere to the scope and focus of the journal.  


Author Citation:

  • Authors and co-authors should give full name, with their professional registrations or other designations abbreviated after each name along with high resolution recent passport size photograph.
  • The author should give detail of organization for which he/she is working, mail Id and contact information.
  • Main author must ensure all named co-authors have given their consent to publication of the article and duly signed the copyright form. 



  • Author should use non-discriminatory language in the article. Sexist or racist terms should not be used.
  • Manuscripts should be dealt with and processed with reasonable speed and efficiency.
  • The article should have abstract, keywords, introduction, methodology or approach, findings or results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgement, references and bibliography.
  • Structure: The article should neither be too long or too short. It should have sections and sub-sections titled appropriately to reflect the specific contents of each section. However, the authors should use their discretion to develop a structure for the paper that is most appropriate to clearly convey the information.
  • Abstract: The article must have abstract of minimum 300 to 350 words that describes the problem or question addressed in the paper, the scope of the work and approach taken, and the key conclusions or major findings.
  • Keywords: The article should have minimum ten keywords.
  • References: All references cited in the text must appear in the reference section in sequence.
  • Acronyms: All acronyms used should be expanded.
  • Figures, tables and notations: The preferred format for regular tables is Microsoft Word.
  • Check that all figures, tables, and notations are present, and that they are cited/referred to in the text of the paper.
  • If the article contains figures and tables, make sure that enlargement or reduction of any photos will be possible without loss of meaning and clarity.
  • If the article contains figures and tables, which is not the author’s original work and which is taken from others work, then, make sure that the reference or source is mentioned or acknowledged.
  • Graphs: All elements, including letters, numbers and symbols must be easily readable.
  • Both axes of a graph must be labeled.
  • Submit graphs, charts, complicated chemical or mathematical formulae, diagrams, tables and other drawings as finished products not requiring additional artwork or typesetting.
  • Mathematical equations: Mathematical equations should preferably be typewritten, with subscripts and superscripts clearly shown.
  • Symbols: Ensure all symbols are described in the text.
  • SI system: For units and symbols, the SI system should be used.
    • Spelling and grammar: Check spelling and grammar before sending. Please pay attention that the article follows American or English spelling throughout.
    • Font color: Send only soft copy to save time on type setting. The color of the font, lines and symbols should be black. Avoid the use of reversed type (white lettering on a black background).
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