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Bridging the gap between Institute and Industry

Scenario today warrants for synergy between the institutes, researchers and industry. There should be sufficient interaction between institutes, students, researchers and the industries or business establishments and government institutions. There should be optimal utilization of resources. This leads to a great deal of resource/data going untapped and free and open communication.

We work to bridge the gap between the industries and organizations.

Institute : We support students various career exploration such as

  • Internships
  • Training
  • Live-projects
  • Research opportunities
  • Access to the latest challenges faced by the industries
  • Job opportunities
  • The researchers are facilitated, supported and assisted so that their work is better utilized by the industry.

Industry : Benefits to the industries

  • Efficient hiring
  • Reduced time of screening of candidates
  • Support to accelerate the growth o the organisation
  • Trained and best oriented man power
  • Innovative young and smart mind across the country
  • Quality candidates,
  • Minimum back-outs and maximum retention.

Bridging the gap

  • Through our online platform, institutes, industries and students can login upload their details.
  • Regular Interaction programs are organized between institutions, industries, students, researchers and other stake holders. This will highlight latest technology adopted by the industries, what issues need to be researched, what inputs and data is required for conducting research, and the offsets of such a

Members Benefits : We welcome you to be a member of this initiative and avail following benefits :

  • Reach directly to top professional Institutes throughout India.
  • Access to best of the talent from all-over the country.
  • Access to basic information of the interested students in one or the other engagement in the industries.
  • Access to students on skill like- soft skills, hard skills, education, aspirations, personality traits, key motivation factors and workplace needs and challenges.
  • Access processed data by our expert team to make the best match between the candidate and the company’s requirement.
  • Organisations can select the candidates on various selection criteria such as location, college, course, qualification, skills, certification, experience, duration of availability and behavioral insights and future job perspective.
  • Promote and advertise the Company on our website and Journals.
  • You reach to millions through our printed and online campaigns and digital marketing .
  • CEO/head of the organisation will be Guest editor, where he/she gets an opportunity to directly convey the message directly.
  • Access key resources to optimize sector knowledge in conferences and workshops.
  • Build strategic relationships with potential domestic and global business partners.
  • Meet niche target which includes promoters of startups,  incubators and decision makers.
  • Support in recruitment process by campus selection.
  • Members get free pass to two members in seminar/workshop/ conference for one year.
  • All services are FREE for first year of membership!



Research consultancy

  • We guide students and faculty members on selecting research area.
  • We guide students and faculty members on guidelines for conducting effective research with time schedules.
  • We bridge the gap between industry and institutes and facilitate industries on developing their products or conducting market research.

Industry based training programs

  • We offer more than 200 online and onsite industry based management, technical and subject training programs for students, faculty and institutes.
  • Training programs can be tailor made as per the need of the institute/organization.
  • Access to cloud-based learning management system.
  • Continuous support and updates on technology.
  • Assistance in selecting stream of higher education, resume preparation and employment.

Scientific/Technical Writing Training: 

  • Many students/researchers undertake research/project work without having actual knowledge of the research methods. They just look for similar projects/studies/reports and copy the methodologies listed in it with slight modifications. With fast growing technology even the research guides do not have a thorough knowledge of the various methodologies. There is lack of effective scientific training and the research methodology is not systematic.
  • We conduct training programs on how to write research or technical articles.


 FinTech Services

We provide FinTech services, which include loan to the researchers, students and institutes to pursue education or higher education in India or abroad, take-up training program or any new initiative or Startup.

Researchers in India face inadequate or insufficient financial or secretarial assistance. Much of the precious time of the researchers is spent in looking for funds, financiers, scholarships, books, reports and newspapers, etc. rather than searching relevant information from them. They have to cope with such issues which affect the schedule of their research study and prolong it beyond specified time.

Major issues faced by the researchers are of financial and they don’t know where and whom to approach for the same. They will be guided towards different organizations from where they can get assistance.


Patent and IPR Services

We support researcher to patent their unique research work.  The patent system is a widely-used policy lever attempting to better align the private returns to developing new technologies with the social value of those inventions. Patent allows the inventor to exclude others from making, using or selling his or her invention in that country during the life of the patent.

We support research student in selecting an Idea or area of research which can

  • Give higher rationality and more defined objectives to a starting research project.
  • Stimulate a stronger criticism and help inventiveness during the life of a project.
  • It can suggest new ideas and economical solution to existing problems.We guide researchers retain ownership of the invention and earn royalty payments on future sales of the product.
  • We guide in technical information and filing a patent application.
  • We guide monetization of patents can be done by licensing the right to make, use, or sell the product.
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