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Editor’s Guidelines

Editors are important part of Scienxt Editorial board comprising of experts and professionals who, on formal invitation from Scienxt Journals have kindly consented to provide valued editing services. The manuscript needs to be protected from any sort of exploitation as it is a privileged document. So the role of editors is important in publishing quality articles. The Scienxt journals management team monitors each step closely and works in tandem with the entire team.

Guidelines for editors are as follows:

  • As per the policies of the Scienxt Journals, the identity of all the editors who has evaluated a particular manuscript is kept confidential.
  • Aim of the editor should be to promote a precise and effective scientific communication. So, being impartial towards the manuscript is very im
  • Editors should constantly and consciously adopt a positive and impartial attitude towards all the articles.
  • If at any stage, an editor feels that they are not able to judge a manuscript impartially, they should return the accepted manuscript to the publishing management team.
  • The editor should monitor the status of the manuscript at every stage carefully.
  • They should check the comments on revision, rejection and acceptance from reviewer and share their views with the referees or publication team.
  • Although, editors are not expected to correct grammatical mistakes, but any initiative, feedback and assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated.
  • Editors are expected to follow highly ethical practices. They should not cite, refer and refrain from using the information a manuscript embodies for the advancement of their own research.
  • An editor/ reviewer should aim at promoting a precise and effective scientific communication.                                                                                                                  Become an editor at Scienxt Journals………..

We welcome interested academicians and subject experts and researchers to our community of editors.

Mail your detail/query to-  info@scienxt.com

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