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Manuscript Status

Entire team of editors, reviewers and Scienxt publishing team works together in improving and checking the quality of the manuscript. Our main aim is to enhance the access of quality scholarly publication. In this process, it is important that we keep the authors updated with regular communication.

Some of them are listed:
Scienxt team keeps the author updated about every action being taken on their manuscript.

  • The manuscript may be sent back to the author with review statements for further corrections or necessary actions.
  • No statement about acceptance or rejection or revision of the manuscript is issued to the author until all the team members take a collective decision.
  • Suggested modifications should not imply as conditions of acceptance. It is important to make distinction between revisions considered essential and those judged merely desirable.
  • In cases, when the manuscript is not accepted, the Scienxt team will convey the author all the constructive comments that might help to improve the manuscript and resubmitted.
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