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Patent and IPR Services

We support researcher to patent their unique research work.  The patent system is a widely-used policy lever attempting to better align the private returns to developing new technologies with the social value of those inventions. Patent allows the inventor to exclude others from making, using or selling his or her invention in that country during the life of the patent.

  • We support research student in selecting an Idea or area of research which can
  1. Give higher rationality and more defined objectives to a starting research project.
  2. Stimulate a stronger criticism and help inventiveness during the life of a project.
  3. It can suggest new ideas and economical solution to existing problems.
  • We guide researchers retain ownership of the invention and earn royalty payments on future sales of the product.
  • We guide in technical information and filing a patent application.
  • We guide monetization of patents can be done by licensing the right to make, use, or sell the product.
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