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The process of evaluating a manuscript’s quality before to publication is known as peer review. Independent researchers with expertise in the field review submitted manuscripts for importance, validity, and originality to assist editors in deciding whether to publish the manuscript in their journal. Scienxt follows blind peer-review process, in which reviewing is done in a double-blind mode, neither the authors nor the reviewers are aware of one another’s identities.

Peer-review is the essential part, which verifies the accuracy of the paper, is an essential component of scientific publishing. Peer reviewers are professionals that donate their time to assist submissions go better. Peer-review should help papers become:

Highly reliable: Peer reviewers may highlight gaps in a manuscript that call for more research or experiments.
Easier to read: reviewers can make improvements to your paper if some sections are challenging to comprehend.
Quality of Paper: Expert Reviewers and Editors advice or guide for betterment.

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