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Effective from: 6 Jan 2023

Regarding your privacy, Scienxt Centre of Excellence is determined to keeping your confidence and trust. This privacy statement outlines our practices for acquiring, using, and exposing your personal data.

This privacy statement describes our standards for receiving, using, and releasing data we collect from readers of all Scienxt Publishing websites. Note that we retain the right to modify this agreement at any moment and without prior notice. This page will be updated with any changes. The privacy practices of the Scienxt Publishing group’s websites may differ. In such circumstances, the contents of this policy shall be superseded by the privacy statement of that Site. Links to certain other site that are not within our control may be found on this website. Data gathered by these websites will not be covered by this privacy statement.

How we get personal data about you

We gather data about you in three distinct ways explicitly from your input, from outside sources, and by utilizing automated tools.

Contact details, such as the user’s name, email address, and mailing address, may be a part of the data directly obtained from a user. This personal information may be used for a variety of purposes, including fulfilling orders, processing credit card payments, handling customer care requests, innovating, and keeping you informed about special promotions.

Unless you ask us to delete it, we may keep your personal information as long as it serves our business needs.

We make every effort to safeguard your personal information with the required administrative, organizational, and technical protections in order to maintain its confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access, loss, abuse, or alteration. Each user’s information is kept on systems protected by adequate security protocols, and we restrict employee access to it.

How we use the data you provide

We are focused on providing you with a quick and beneficial experience. Your interaction with us and with the Company will determine how we utilize your personal data.

We make use of the data we have on you in the following ways:

  • To send you notifications about changes to our service as well as to provide our goods and services to you.
  • To give you access to portions of our websites that are password-restricted, if you choose to do so.
  • To address your questions, demands, or other comments.
  • Researching suspicious activities and spotting fraud.
  • To comply with our legal duties, settle disputes, and uphold our agreements, we may market our sites, products, or services to you (including by sending promotional emails, newsletters, and targeted advertising, phone calls, and/or SMS messages).

Additionally, we might sign contracts with outside advertisers or service providers that publish banner ads on the website and may link to domains that are not under our control or who employ technologies to gather and process user data. These third parties’ application of these technologies is governed by their respective privacy rules, which can be different from this privacy policy. We disclaim all liability and responsibility for any content, advertising, goods, or other items provided by such third parties.

Scienxt Publishing might divulge your personal data to companies that work with us on a service-related basis.

How long we store your information

We keep your personal data as long as it takes to complete any transactions we have with you. Although there may be exceptions, such as when we have an obligation to retain information for a longer period of time or when we store limited personal information securely in an archive (for reference purpose). We will typically retain someone relevant data for seven (7) years after your last recorded interaction with Scienxt.

Your information privacy rights and responsibilities

You have the right to:

  • Request access to and copies of the personal data we have on you.
  • Compel us to update any inaccurate personal information we may have on you.
  • Believe that any of our specific processing activities has an unjustifiably large impact on your rights, on grounds specific to your situation.
  • Request, in a reasonable manner that you choose, a copy of the personal information that we now hold on you and that you have given us.

Contact for Questions and Dispute Resolution

If you have any questions or queries, regarding any of our personal information handled or used contact

Scienxt Journals

Email: info@scienxt.com

Phone number: +91 7428578883

Any issue will be swiftly looked into and, if necessary, fixed by the Scienxt Publishing Data Protection Office.

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