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Research and Projects

Encouraging research and development is one of the best investments a nation does for its economic and social growth. Those nations which emphasize on research can only become global economic leaders and it is important to create platform with world class facilities to facilitate the research.

  1. Global Crisis :  The horizon of research, development and discovery in almost all the areas of science, technology, health care and other areas have widened. The research work must aim at finding solutions to global crisis and challenges faced by human race today.

Scienxt :  Scenario today warrants for synergy between the researchers and industry with requirement of training to be imparted to researchers prior to undertaking research activities more so in areas of industrial research and applications. The researchers are facilitated, supported and assisted that their work is better utilized by the industry.


  1. Scientific/Technical Writing Training : Many students/researchers undertake research/project work without having actual knowledge of the research methods. They just look for similar projects/studies/reports and copy the methodologies listed in it with slight modifications. With fast growing technology even the research guides do not have a thorough knowledge of the various methodologies. There is lack of effective scientific training and the research methodology is not systematic.

Scienxt :  We conduct training programs on how to write research or technical articles.


  1. Interaction : There is insufficient interaction between researchers and the industries or business establishments and government institutions. This leads to a great deal of resource/data going untapped. There is no optimal utilization of resources.


Scienxt :  We propose to bridge the gap between the stake holders.

    1. We work closely with the industries and understand from them the need of applying new technology and area where they require new Ideas.
    2. Research students are given access to the latest challenges faced by the industries.
    3. Through our online platform, students can login and select the area/domain interested to do research or project of the industry they are interested or pursue their work/career.
    4. Interaction programs are organized between researchers and other institutions/industries on a regular basis. This will highlight latest technology adopted by the industries, what issues need to be researched, what inputs and data is required for conducting research, and the offsets of such a study .
  1. Intellectual Property : Intellectual property issues are the main concerns for both the industries and institutes. Most of the business establishments are of the opinion that, researchers may misuse the data provided by them and reluctant to divulge details of their company.


Scienxt :  Confidence building:

    1. We work towards creating an atmosphere of fair dealings. Here, all the stakeholders such as institutes, researchers or industry, can be sure of the confidentiality and safety of their Idea/Data etc., so that they can freely work for the cause.
    2. Thus, confidence-building measures are adopted, which will convince the business units that their data will be put to productive purposes, and will not be misused in any manner by the researcher.
  1. Code of Conduct : It is observed that, no specific code of conduct exists for the researchers. This leads to inter-departmental and inter-university rivalries. As a result, there is lack dissipation of knowledge.

Scienxt :  Orientation programs are conducted on ethics of research and publication.


  1. Assistance : Researchers in India face inadequate or insufficient financial or secretarial assistance. Much of the precious time of the researchers is spent in looking for funds, financiers, scholarships, books, reports and newspapers, etc. rather than searching relevant information from them. They have to cope with such issues which affect the schedule of their research study and prolong it beyond specified time.

Scienxt :  Major issues faced by the researchers are of financial and they don’t know where and whom to approach for the same. They will be guided towards different organizations from where they can get assistance.


  1. Publishing : A research article needs to be published once completed. The researchers have to look for a means to publish it. Publishing in international journals is highly expensive. This discourages most of the researchers from taking up research work.

Scienxt :  We publish the articles for free!! We also help the researchers with publishing services so that their articles are upgraded and fulfill the criteria followed by the Journal publishers.


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