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Reviewers are part of Scienxt Editorial board comprising of experts and professionals who, on formal invitation from Scienxt Journals have kindly consented to provide valued reviewing services. The manuscript needs to be protected from any sort of exploitation as it is a privileged document. So the role of reviewers is important in publishing quality articles. The Scienxt journals management team monitors each step closely and works in tandem with the entire team.

Reviewer guidelines are different depending on the discipline, however, following are the broader aspects:

  • Reviewers are selected on a manuscript-by-manuscript basis by our team.
  • It’s a blind review processes and reviewers will be anonymous to the authors.
  • As per the policies of the Scienxt Journals, the identity of all the reviewers kept confidential.
  • Manuscripts under review are strictly confidential and reviewers must not share its details with anyone.
  • In case of any conflict of interest, the reviewers should decline to review a manuscript.
  • In case topic allotted does not sufficiently match reviewer’s area of expertise, then the reviewers should decline to review a manuscript.
  • Reviewer should review the strengths and weaknesses of the article.
  • They should suggest ways to improve the strength and quality of the work and evaluate the relevance and originality of the manuscript.
  • The reviewer should submit constructive analysis or observation broadly as summary, major and minor matters in question, so that the authors get some insight on their work and correct the manuscript accordingly.
  • Reviewers can also confidentially or directly communicate with the Scienxt team or editors in case they do not wish to show certain comments to authors.
  • A reviewer’s recommendations are very important, but since the decisions to accept the changes are based on evaluations derived from several sources, a reviewer should not expect that all the recommendations are honored.
  • Specific or stipulated time lines should be maintained for timely publication.
  • In case, due to any reasons, if the time scheduled doesn’t seem to be met, then the reviewer should inform Scienxt team accordingly. This will enable our team to take alternative decisions to maintain timely publication.
  • A reviewer should be critical in appraisal and the observations or comments should be presented dispassionately.
  • In cases, when the reviewer feels that, manuscript should not be accepted, they may convey the author all the constructive comments that might help to improve the manuscript. This requires providing elaborate comments with citations, if possible. This may help the editors to make a decision on the manuscript and the authors to improve it.
  • Reviewer will check the manuscript for the following aspects:
    • Scope and focus of the research manuscript.
    • Whether the manuscript is following the author’s guidelines.
    • Cross check the citation of references, figures and tables.
    • Publishing ethics and research ethics are followed.
    • English language used throughout the manuscript is clear and understandable.
    • Appropriate consent and approvals obtained by cited or governing bodies.
    • Appropriate study, methods, experiments, reporting, equipment and materials are used.


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We welcome interested academicians and subject experts and researchers to our community of reviewers. 

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