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In Press || Volume-1|| Issue -1

Working of Blu-ray & HD-DVD Discs

Wasim Aijaz Hussain

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Factors Driving Growth of Telecom Industry in India

Abhijeet Meena* , Sandeep Kashyap

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The working of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Sumita Kulsreshsta*, Jitendra Yadav, Parvesh Kumar

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Analysis of Wireless Local Area Networks

Elilmani Jacob*, Shanmugam Panneerselvam

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Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Suraj Khataria*, Rajmohan Singh

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In Press || Volume-1|| Issue -2

Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Peak Current Modulated Buck Regulator for Automotive Applications

Sumanth Rithu. K. N1*, Dr. Dinesh. M. N,

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Design and Analysis of MOSFET’s as Solid-State Relays for Precise AC Load Control

Venugopal. K. B*, Dr. S G Srivani

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High Power Applications Using a Multi-Stage Soft Switching DC-DC Converter

Deepika. S* , Dr. Ravichandran. C, Dr. Dinesh. M. N, Dr. S. G. Bhoopendra Kumar Singh, Dr. S. G. Srivani, Vinod Chippalktti

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A-I Enable V2G Power Management For Sustainable Feature

Harshith. R*, S. G. Srivani, J. N. Hemalatha

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Design and Simulation Analysis of DAB Converter for Aircraft Battery Storage System

Varshini B*, S. G. Srivani, Vandana Jha

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In Press || Volume-1|| Issue -3

Design and Implementation of Triple Output Flyback Converter for Space Applications

Swati Patil*, Dr. S. G. Srivani, Dr. Parth Sarathi Panigrahy, T. K. Nagaraju, Bhoopendra Kumar Singh, Vinod Chippalkatti

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Development of source code repo migration for LTE and 5G components

Kaveri Patil*, Mrs. Sushmita Sarkar,

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Variable Frequency Drive Integration And Validation for Air Compressor

Sanjana Shirahatti*, Dr. S G Srivani

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Identification and validation of input-output module to a simulating environment of a compressor controller

Sindhu Ravindra*, Dr. Dinesh. M. N

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IOT Based Smart Solar Cooling System

Vipin Vinod Jais

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