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Scienxt Journal of Agricultural Sciences (SJAS)

  • Frequency: Triannual
  • Publication Type: Online+Print
  • Publisher’s Name: Scienxt Journals
  • Peer Review Process Timeline: 3-4 Weeks
  • Average acceptance to publication time: 1 Week
  • Average Publication Time (Submission to Online Available): 5-6 Weeks

Scienxt Journal of Agricultural Sciences is a hybrid, Double blind peer reviewed Journal that disseminates the most recent findings and innovations in various fields of agricultural sciences in the form of Original Research, Reviews, Case Studies, Opinions, etc.

The Journal also publishes proceedings of the conference on Agricultural Sciences.

Journal maintains a Quick Publication process with strict peer review to enhance the quality of content.

Every submitted manuscript undergoes peer review by the subject matter experts under the supervision of the Editor-in-Chief or assigned Editorial Board member of the Journal. The manuscript must get the editor’s and at least two independent reviewers’ approval before it may be published.

Focus and Scope

Agricultural Biodiversity Plant Production and Management Including Irrigation, Fertilization and Soil Management
Agricultural Botany Plant Eco physiology
Agricultural Ecology Agricultural Electrification and Automation
Agricultural Economics Plant Abiotic and Biotic Stress Physiology and Adaptation Procedure
Agricultural Entomology Medicinal Plants and Natural Active Compounds
Agricultural Genomics Tissue Culture Technology
Agricultural Production Plant-Soil Relationships
Agricultural Resources Soil Sciences and Soil Fertility
Agro chemistry Land Resources, Land Use, and Remote Sensing
Agrology Water Management
Agronomy Plant Nutrition
Animal Breeding and Nutrition Organic Agriculture
Aquaculture Phytoremediation
Biological Engineering Modelling of Crop and Animal Systems
Breeding Genetics and Pathology Bioenergy And Energy Crops
Crop Physiology and Science Plant Quality and Post-Harvest Physiology
Dairy Farming Post-Harvest Technology
Energy Agriculture Farming and Cropping Systems
Environmental Hydrology Agro ecosystems and The Environment
Fertilization, Breeding and Protection of Plants Plant-Weed Interactions and Management
Horticulture Breeding and production of Pomology, Vegetables and Ornamental plants
Husbandry Science Agriculture Arid Land Reclamation
Irrigation Management Soilless Culture
Agricultural Microbiology Crop Science
Animal & Plant Physiology Agricultural Virology and Bacteriology
Plant Protection Plant-Microbe Relationships
Security of Genetically Modified Agricultural Organisms Agricultural Engineering
Soil Science and Soil Land Use Agricultural Mechanization, Modern Irrigation Systems, Renewable Energy and Bio systems
Soil-Plant Relationships Fish Breeding & Production
Sustainable Rural Development Farm Management
Theoretical Production Ecology Plant Pest Management
Food Science and Technology Agricultural Economic Entomology
Animal & Plant Biotechnology Plant Pathology
Animal & Plant Molecular Biology Poultry Breeding, Physiology & Nutrition
Genetic Diversity in Animal and Plant Species

You can submit your manuscript(s) online at https://scienxt.com/submit-your-manuscript/ or directly at info@scienxt.com

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