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In Press || Volume-1|| Issue -1|| Year-2023

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Phytochemical, natural ingredients and proximate composition analysis of two accessions of Vigna Subterranea (L.) verdc: Tvsu25 and tvsu2113 cultivated in high humid rainforest agro-ecology of South-South, Nigeria

Author: Ochekwu et al

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Groundwater contamination from municipal solid waste dumping - sociological study -implications for the economic system

Sumedha Khanna, Dr. Jigar Patel

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Role of biotechnology in increasing the food production and processing

Dr. Pramod Kumar Sahu

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Nanostructure metal oxide - synthesis and characterization

Rosemary George, Rajina Kannan

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The green growth theory for sustainability development and economic growth

Mehek Talwar

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