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In Press || Volume-1|| Issue -1

Preventive effect of lepidium sativum seed extract and Zinc containing nutritional supplement on age related cataract progression in wistar rats (pp.1-12)

Shibanjan Paul Roy*, Kamal Deka, Shyam Prakash Rai

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The evolving pharmaceutical marketing environment in India(pp.13-24)

Aniruddha Lahiri

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A Case Report on Prader Willi Syndrome(pp.25-32)

Dr. Usha D. S*, Dr. Mandara M. S, Dr. Shilpashree B. M

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Formulation and evaluation of polyherbal Ant repellent spray(pp.33-42)

Blessy Jacob*, Pooja. S, Radhika .T. P, Sushmita R B, Vineet Chandy

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