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Volume-1|| Issue -3|| Year-2023 ||SEPT-DEC

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A novel method for predicting diabetes in medical contexts through machine learning and a web application(pp.1-10)

Varun. G, Varun Kashyap

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Digital asset marketplace using blockchain technology(pp.11-22)

Pranav. S. P, Spoorthi. N Shetty, Sujan S, Tejas. N Mrs. Madhu. G.

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Examining sentiment polarity regarding covid-19 on social media: harnessing, and decision support systems(pp.23-54)

Shobhit Srivastava, Dr. Chinmay Chakraborty, Dr. Mrinal Kanti Sarkar

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Online blood donation management system(pp.55-64)

C. Kuladeekshith, C. Yamini, C. Harish, C.H. Girish, A. Sravani, C Tejaswini

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A comparative analysis of cryptographic algorithms(pp.65-84)

Dheeraj N. Kashyap

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