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In Press || Volume-1|| Issue -1 || Year-2023

About the Journal

Inner & Editorial

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Analysis of strategies for learning English vocabulary effectively (pp. 1-20)

Ms. Noora Hosseini

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Adult English learners’ perception of using pictures to learn English vocabulary at private coaching centers (pp. 21-36)

Aishwarya Mahajan, Divyansh Fadnavis

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Processing Language via Brain(37-46)

Dr. Venkatesh Murthy, Madhava Pattabhiraman

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Portrayal of women in Indian English fictions and human rights(pp. 47-56)

Mayuri Barua

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From the teachers' perspective: Factors affecting English language instruction in Vietnamese high schools (pp.57-80)

Dr. Hoàn Seok, Dae Tam

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