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Current Issue || Volume-2|| Issue -2 || Year-2024

Using response surface methodology to investigate the effect of TIG welding parameters on the microstructure and corrosion resistance of 2205 DSS welds

Mohamed S. Melad, Mohamed A. Gebril, Farag M. Shuaeib, Dawod Elabar, Adam H. Alzwi, Mawada S. Elmabrouk

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Design analysis and fabrication of electric all-terrain vehicle for E-baja

Sagar K.G

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Reviewing the comparative thermal performance of solar air heaters with artificially roughened absorber plates

Rohit Kumar Choudhary, Shubham Thakre, Anil Kumar, Anamika Thakur

Abstract   | Article

A survey on progression of solar air heater

Vineet kumar Dwivedi, Shalini Kumari, Sushil Kumar Vishwakarma, Vikash Kumar, Vikash Kumar Patel, Vikash Tiwari

Abstract   | Article

Study of genetic algorithm

Dr. Shweta Chourasia, Bittu Yadhuwanshi, Bipin Chandra Pal, Bheem Chouriya, Ashish Kumar Verma

Abstract   | Article

Investigating novel approaches to improve the productivity of solar stills: a study on transport parameters and design optimization

Pooja Patel, Shalini Kumari, Shouvik Biswas, Shrijan Mishra, Sunil Ahirwar, Surat Nayak

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A Study on fuzzy logic controller-based three phase induction motor speed control

Dr. Shweta Chourasia, Anil Kumar Vishwakarma, Ankit, Ankit Kumar Sallam, Ankit Pathre

Abstract   | Article

Exact solutions of an MHD layer elastic o-viscous fluid flow of second order type with angle of inclination on the porous boundary

S. B. Kulkarni

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